October 1, 1991

Lloyd Cole is a cheeseball. Plain and simple. How else do you account for strings (!) on his second release, Don’t Get Weird On Me, Baby (Capitol), and his Bobby …

November 1, 1991

One of the oldest tales in showbiz is that Lloyd Cole plays' golf. People have made careers by humiliating the man because he prefers a leisurely round at Wentworth to a discobiscuit frenzy at Kinky Disco.

December 20, 1991

Today’s issue: Does Lloyd Cole, a well-regarded singer-songwriter from Scotland and a sensitive, brooding wordsmith and pop craftsman, secretly hate women? “We have had people calling radio stations saying I’m a misogynist pig,” admits the softspoken Cole, on the phone earlier this week. “Which is quite amusing.”

December 31, 1991

It had all of the makings of an ordinary Saturday morning in Detroit. The November chill was blowing the cold rain on the streets. I layed on my futon in …

January 5, 1992

Lloyd Cole’s ambitions are anything but modest. In fact, after seven years of recording, the British singer and songwriter has a singular aim – to establish himself as a performer of progressive ambitions and durable accomplishments.

September 14, 1993

David Belcher seeks good vibes from Bad Vibes

HE’S a realist with a taste for irony is Lloyd Cole. This is most useful in the recordbiz where silliness abounds and wilful …

October 3, 1993

Lloyd Cole talks to Alan Jackson about the album that he hopes will end his days in the pop wilderness

SOMNOLENT post-lunch hour at the Groucho Club in Soho. Keith Waterhouse …