October 16, 2003

We managed numbers 11, 63 and 86 in the right order. So we were robbed and flattered.

Does a Scottish singer qualify a “foreign” band for inclusion? In the case of …

December 20, 2003

Looking for a CD with a bit more to it than the latest pop clothes? So were we. Here’s our pick of the 50 best albums of 2003. Music In A Foreign Language, Lloyd Cole (Sanctuary/Shock)

June 9, 2004

Fresh Air from WHYY, June 9, 2004 · Music critic Milo Miles remembers Robert Quine, a respected guitarist in the New York punk and underground jazz scenes. He was found …

July 26, 2004

As much as I appreciate the convenience of mp3 files, I don’t want to see the CD disappear. Yes, the music is the focus, but I need packaging. I need …

October 18, 2004

Of course, I’m not bitter, not least because I’m much better golfer than that grey-haired, podgy-faced, second-rate Elvis lookalike so I’m bound to beat him next year…..

January 2, 2005

Favorite shows of the year? Lloyd Cole (sore throat and all) at Club Cafe in April and Patti Smith’s mesmerizing performance at Carnegie Music Hall in December. Special kudos goes to Joe Grushecky for bringing Bruce Springsteen to town for Flood Aid ’04, which raised $255,000 for the victims of September’s flooding.

June 11, 2005

For those of you from the UK or Australia, you will be familiar with the mind-numbingly crass but addictive Ausie soap, ‘Neighbours’.