December 31, 2010

I cannot believe Grinderman II finished above BR. What a strange list… is the Ferry album any good? And Killing Joke!!??!!

December 29, 2010

1. Lloyd Cole, Broken Record (Tapete): Record of the year, man. Rock ‘n’ roll pop-folk that’s full-band perfect; there’s sadness, joy, pure wretched heartbreak, self-loathing, drinking and, of course, the glorious piss-takes; from “Writer’s Retreat!”: “When you head out to the shack in the woods, I won’t be there.”

December 7, 2010

Germany’s most popular woman’s magazine; puts Broken Record on the best list just behind the Beatles.

December 6, 2010

Edwyn Collins — Bored. Steve Mason — Lost and Found. KT Tunstall — Fade Like A Shadow. Unkle Bob — Satellite. Lloyd Cole — Like a Broken Record.

November 4, 2010

A very flatering article on the Figaro (french rightist newspaper) web site. The article (in french) compares Lloyd and Suzanne Vega, both in Paris this week, who still deserve their …

September 3, 2010

A few years ago, James Venhaus wrote a nifty 10-minute piece for TheatreASAP, the annual 24-hour play fest, that traced a relationship from the end to the beginning. Venhaus spent the summer expanding the piece, which is getting its premiere run at the Overtime Theater. The new work, retitled “Broken Record,” lives up to the promise of the shorter work.