“Oh, that’s from their crap period.” So began the conversation as Lloyd Cole started looking through my 45s, selecting the best ones for “The 2nd British Invasion “ vinyl theme. I must add he said it with a smile and it was meant with love, as he was a fan of the band’s earlier work. I started spinning as Lloyd kept (mini-) crate digging, telling me many stories about the records and artists. Try as I might, I couldn’t get Lloyd on the DJ mic, so I relayed his comments to the audience “News for the Hard of Hearing”-style (“OUR TOP STORY TONIGHT…).

Sincere thanks to Mr. Cole for not only agreeing to be a guest DJ but also for performing an acoustic set. Included in the set was a cover of Bob Dylan’s “I Threw It All Away” from Nashville Skyline. When he wasn’t playing or selecting records, Lloyd was graciously meeting fans and enjoying the night’s performances. At one point, Lloyd and I had a conversation about the dangers of meeting your musical heroes but I can attest that, for me, this meeting was exceptional. Thanks to all the performers who played in what turned out to be a real corker of a $2 Tuesday. As always, we remain in Derek Hoke’s debt for continuing to present the best live variety show around. Here are the 45s we played:

The Stranglers “Old Codger” (United Artists/UK UP 36429)
Depeche Mode “Shake the Disease” (Mute/UK 7BONG8)
Wide Boy Awake “Bona Venture” (RCA/UK WBA2)
Sex Pistols “Pretty Vacant (July 1976 demo version)” (Spiral Scratch/UK 4)
Joe Jackson “I’m the Man (live)” (A&M AM-2847)
Squeeze “Cat on a Wall” (Deptford Fun City Records/UK DFC01)
Shop Assistants “Train From Kansas City” (Sounds Showcase/UK SHOW 2)
[Lloyd Cole curated segment begins]
The Jesus and Mary Chain “Upside Down” (Creation/UK RT US 006)
The Clash “Pressure Drop” (CBS/UK S CBS 7082)
Elvis Costello “Big Tears” (Columbia 3-10762)
Pretenders “Brass in Pocket (I’m Special)” (Sire SRE 49181)

M “Pop Music” (Sire SRE 49033)
The Flying Lizards “Money” (Virgin VA 67003)
Scritti Politti “Perfect Way” (Warner Brothers 28949-7)
Pretenders “Talk of the Town” (Sire PRO-S-942)
The Bluebells “Cath” (Sire 7-29426)
Aztec Camera “Oblivious” (Rough Trade/UK AZTEC 1)
Rich Kids “Rich Kids” (EMI/UK 2738 06599) RED VINYL
Be-Bop Deluxe “Ships in the Night” (Harvest 4244)
The Fall “Hey! Luciani (original version)” (Sounds Showcase/UK SHOW 1)
[Lloyd Cole curated segment ends]
The Selecter “On My Radio” (Chrysalis CHS 2376)
The Psychedelic Furs “Pretty In Pink” (A&M AM-2826)
The Adult Net “Spin This Web” (Sounds Showcase/UK SHOW 1)
Killing Joke “Love Like Blood” (EG Records/UK 881 618-7)

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Publication: Tim Hibbs, RGA Records

Publication date: 01/04/15