A beat from a broken heart

Lloyd Cole has after ten years of solo tour again, back in the rehearsal room with piles of rubbish and empty beer. Incidentally, he also breaks a lance for yourself. By DAVID Eisert

Tocotronic recently introduced yet to the thesis that you prefer only the very essential things such as the spontaneous ignition or the own goal even makes Lloyd Cole is impressive professionals with the antithesis thesis. Disillusioned by the music industry he has been working rather be alone, making it tolerable satisfaction. Finally, no other drinks away the frugal beer backstage with bloodless faces business you have nothing more to the hat.

This disc is a home grown through and through, even the Cole for the production has gotten his late forties gathered together in large part to his fans and from the German label Tapet. Nevertheless there is still a team sport, rock and roll and the ideas that make Broken Record is created, come from that same direction. A band for the implementation is then easily found and the samples run very smooth. In addition to Cole, 11 more people in the recording of the 11 songs involved – if that is not a random times! Fortunately, against Cottbus Karlsruhe is currently just gone 5-5, otherwise I would be the one chance too many. And, the 11 gate was not erroneously given.

You want a change, you have to change

The result of the nearly nine-week recording session sounds easy, unforced, harmonious. No unnecessary sound or the satisfaction of egos disturb the songs. Banjo, mandolin, fiddle and steel guitar accents dab sensitive. Keep it short and simple without forgetting the important things, the soul. Gentle and mellow places the music in the distinctive warm voice of Lloyd Cole, whose themes are still the little stumbling blocks of life. For as all you should then adjust its own system not.

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Publication: Titel Magazin

Publication date: 18/09/10