Lloyd Cole – Antidepressant

Lloyd Cole has had his own special little niche in our music library for years. Rather than becoming a lost icon from the 1980s, Mr. Cole did not let his initial lucky trip into the limelight dictate his career. Instead, he has used his initial success as a diving board… and has continued releasing thoroughly credible and engaging music ever since. The only real difference between Lloyd’s music from the past and his newer recordings is the fact that his songs are now more personal, reflective, and subdued. But those deep, engaging vocals remain the true focal point. Mr. Cole still has the ability to write great, meaningful tunes…and his voice has only gotten better over time. For listeners who enjoy escapism in their music, the light, breezy tunes on Antidepressant are just what the doctor ordered. Some of the tunes even sound as if they could have been written by the late great Kirsty MacColl (!). Some folks may think that Lloyd Cole is a leftover hitmaker from the 1980s but nothing could be further from the truth. His new recordings are just as effective and engaging as those he made many years ago. Antidepressant is, in a word, lovely. (Rating: 5+++)

Publication: Babysue.com

Publication date: 31/10/06