Broken Record as proof that all thinking, including those most beautiful, in severe years, does not die, Leonard Cohen spleen. Which is great news.
Zoran Jankovic

8 / 10

How to evaluate an album that sounds genuinely sincere, and begins by making a big lie in the first verse of the first track? Problematic verse on the verge of a new album Lloyd Cole says, Not that I have that much dignity left anyway. Impression, but after the first hearing indicates precisely the opposite court. Broken Record, Lloyd Cole’s first album in four years, is testimony to the dignity as a possibility even if the birth certificate to come for her. Which again is not surprising if the mind is past performance and current posture of the great troubadours of our time.

A Broken Record is just an ode to troubadours first 50 years of history of pop music. Lloyd Cole on this occasion made a bow to the many credited with the inspiration that it does not leave even after almost thirty years of his career. Have provided inspiration Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Leonard Cohen, Cat Stevens, Roy Orbinsona … and the list would definitely have to include the recent outstanding worker such as Damien Rice, Jay Jay Johanson and Jens Lekman.

Make no mistake, there is no room charges for mimetizam, because the current appropriations as his chosen project for this very successful and inspiring episode is at the core of a rational understanding of pop music and pop culture in the broadest sense.

At the beginning of the album, the cover of Like a Broken Record, Lloyd welcomes us in full Leonard Cohen ecstasy. In three minutes of this song, Lloyd Cole to answer the question that was long ago I asked (Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?, You are indeed replicate the irresistible Camera Obscura Lloyd, I am Ready to Be Heartbroken).

Americana, although drinking and something poletnija than usual in the cases of those who hold to the canonical setting, character and, one might say, hitoidne Writers’ Retreat carried sincere admiration notes that were left behind the famous Hank Williams. Something like Cole succeeds in slightly less nametljivoj but equally uspeloj Why in the World?

Stamp Bob Dylan wears really excellent If I Were a song where the verses offered to impose a law poetry. Westchester County Jail, however, Lloyd Cole used to be a little more flavor to the field of pure blood / Puritan understood country sound, but this song can serve as a lightning-fast and colorful illustrations Coleovog approach – in terms of the text he decides to self-irony, which, we probably all of Clint Eastwood’s learned so far, the choice of only najodvažnijih and najosvešćenijih.

Man Overboard again the focus of science that leads to Cole (and many others) planted Leonard Cohen, while Oh, Genevieve (in bursts and bilingual) could easily be imposed as the next discrete (semi) hit, but it’s easy to imagine given as (the best) part of the repertoire of newly-arrived Jens Lekman. On her trail is something izarženije popična Double Happiness.

Without much ado, and the alleged iznanenađenja be imposed assessment that the Broken Record excellent records of someone who we were well accustomed to, while knowing how to survive in the shadow samoizabranoj which in turn provides a better insight into their own and others’ spirits. From this position and with a little caution can not we miss the arrival of the long-term perspective is always valuable spleen.

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Publication: Pop Boks

Publication date: 08/10/10