In his exhaustive press release, Lloyd Cole writes that he – after ten years as a solo singer / songwriter – began to long for a rock band again. But Lloyd Cole can not rock. Has never been able to. He is thoughtful, too inhibited or fastidious. Qualities have always been somewhere else. “Broken record” is certainly rather quite and peaceful. Rather that one of folk rock and nice songs truffled with banjo, mandolin and accordion. Lloyd Cole is unmistakable and spectacular, no other artist gives me such a feeling of “coming home”.

“Broken record” is no exception, but it is not one of his best albums. His last album – four years have passed “Antidepressant” – was brilliant and had exceptionally funny lyrics about middle-age man’s role, “Broken Record” is not about anything special, but on the other hand the music itself is even better and more thorough (with Dylan and Cohen as obvious models ). You can not get everything at once…

Best track: “Oh Genevieve,” “Why in the world”

Po Tidholm

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Publication: 2010/09/07

Publication date: 07/09/10