ENGLISH singer-songwriter Lloyd Cole is the ultimate do it yourself artist. He runs his own websites and online store, gets fans to help finance his records and has a global team of volunteers who help him in his worldwide tours.

Cole will play his first show in Singapore at the 245-seat Esplanade Recital Studio on Monday.

The networking efforts have paid off – the gig, his first here, is sold out. The former frontman of critically lauded 1980s indie band The Commotions attracts a loyal following of fans through getting them to help out by managing his website and promoting him.

For his upcoming concert, one of this group of hardcore fans, who call themselves The Young Idealists, will fly from Australia just to give him a hand at the show.

‘Believe it or not, somebody from Melbourne is flying to Singapore to help me sell CDs,’ the 48-year-old tells Life! in a telephone interview from New York.

Far from being the stereotypical aloof and distant pop star, he relishes that there are no barriers between himself and his fans.

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Publication: The Straits Times

Publication date: 12/11/09