Lol tells me that the column is not posted online so he sent me this excerpt.

…We played a lot of golf over the month – more than grown-up men with proper jobs and families to look after have any right to. There was a lot of trash talking prior to the Lloyd Cole and the Commotions Re-union Tour Golf Tournament, most of it by me I’m afraid to say. It is only fair, therefore, that I report here that I got gubbed – we all did, in fact – by Mr Lloyd Cole, who swings the golf club quite a lot like Nick Faldo and took the elegant trophy home to Massachusetts.There was also a separate, and parallel tournament, between Lloyd and me, and I got thumped in that as well. Of course, I’m not bitter, not least because I’m much better golfer than that grey-haired, podgy-faced, second-rate Elvis lookalike so I’m bound to beat him next year…..

Publication: Glasgow Herald

Publication date: 18/10/04