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April Richardson
I was lucky enough to see a lot of great shows this year (Billy Bragg, Jarvis Cocker, Franz Ferdinand, Lloyd Cole, Sparks playing Kimono My House in its entirety), but the top of the list for 2009 and perhaps the last, like, five years is the Manic Street Preachers at the Avalon in Los Angeles on September 25. I had waited more than 10 years for this to happen, as almost all of the dates on their U.S. tour for This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours in 1999 were canceled. My friend Chip — the only other person I know that lives within 100 miles of me who likes the Manics — and I lined up early outside of the Avalon to secure close spots on the floor and was pleasantly surprised to find that the audience was comprised only of fellow hardcore fans. We really appreciated this during the show, as not a single person in the 3/4-full venue took their eyes off the stage the whole night, with none of the random drunken yelling and stumbling around from the people that just wander into a concert from off the street, knowing nothing about the band ahead of time. Everyone there was into it, appreciating the rare moment we had with this group of dudes from Wales.

Okay, it’s a brief mention, but not bad for a self-sonfessed codger to make it onto the MTV website 25 years after first breaking into the charts!

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Publication: Britney Spears, Jay-Z, The Jonas Brothers Lead List Of Favorite Concert Moments: The Newsroom Poll

Publication date: 09/12/09