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Scott Williams: You helped put Homecoming together, any plans for more outdoor events in the future?

Geoff Ellis: We’re always looking at potential events for outdoors because that’s our forte, I guess, putting on big events. They’ve got to be the right thing at the right time. We’ve taken a break with Connect as you know. We’d love to do connect at some point in the future. in the meantime it might be a different format that we do it in, for a couple of years. we’re constantly looking at sites and ideas, be it urban, or rural for different events. Like homecoming, which was a great success in the end. It sold out. We had to downsize the size of the halls, but at the end of the day we got a great reaction. A week before the event I was saying this has been such hard work i don’t want to do it again.

Then, by the end of the night, I was saying, right, let’s get working on next year’s event. I got a really nice email from Lloyd Cole saying how he didn’t expect to enjoy it, because he doesn’t like those kind of events. He said it was fantastic, he really loved it, and was presently surprised. I thought well if that’s the case perhaps we should do something like that again. Maybe do it in a slightly different format. We live and breathe musically, and will keep looking at events whether indoor or outdoor.

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Publication: T in The Park organiser Geoff Ellis interview

Publication date: 03/12/09