Don’t worry folks, it’s not really a broken record. That would just be a waste of money!

With The Commotions, Lloyd Cole arguably peaked too early with his 1984 debut Rattlesnakes, still considered by many to be his definitive work. Alas, this possible misconception means many folks (including yours truly) have probably missed a wealth of fine music since. The fact is, he remains a prolific, heavily-touring artist and, luckily for us, a very good songwriter indeed. This is certainly evident on new album Broken Record, which defies its title by not sounding jarring or repetitive at all. On the contrary, it’s a gentle folk rock album where Cole immerses himself in roots music while still sounding like the idiosyncratic singer/songwriter who first emerged nearly 30 years ago. These are classic live-band tunes, all pedal steel, mandolin and stomping rhythms with a classic country feel acting as an unofficial thread throughout the album – check out the excellent Westchester County Jail and the light shuffle of Rhinestones. He’s also a dab hand at rather poetic imagery, as in the superb weepie If I Were A Song – “Would you still cry when I played, would you still turn to me for the pain, if I were a song?”


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Publication: Rave Magazine

Publication date: 01/03/11