Lloyd, Cole and the Commotion – headline news in British tabloid, The Sun.


Suppose it’s a compliment, in some bizarre way, that the sub editor created that headline (pity about the content, though!).

I’d try to explain, but Lawrence Donegan does it so much better in The Guardian:


‘Lloyd, Cole and the Commotion’ – a headline lost on the young

Kids today, they just don’t know their mildly successful 1980s indie bands. More worryingly for the folks over at the Sun, 31-year-olds don’t either. Which brings me to the headline above yesterday’s story about Cheryl Cole’s controversial – some might say “tone deaf” – decision to send Cher Lloyd into X Factor finals. Lloyd, Cole and the Commotion, it read. Geddit? You know: big(ish) in the 1980s, singer looked like a young Elvis, bass player looked like Paul Simonon, only uglier.

I have a colleague. She is 31. “Never heard of him,” she says.

“I was the bass player,” I say.

She is mortified. “I was eight at the time.”

I try to console her. “Don’t worry.”

She’s distraught. Almost. “Sorry.”

I’m sorry, too – but only for the poor sub-editor whose creative genius went unappreciated by 99% of those who read it.

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Publication: The Sun / The Guardian

Publication date: 04/10/10