OK, there may be people who buy their cheeses with 40 years still in the plastic packaging and also think the white tallow in the noodles was Parmesan, but basically the taste developed much further over the years. Or drink nor anyone Lambrusco from the 2-liter bottle? Exactly! And that is why shares the new solo work by Lloyd Cole humanity in ‘young’, and ‘not so young’. It is determined by a 25-year-old, who find the plate well, but who is clearly under 40, must keep this record for hyped, boring shit critic.
Others, who have screwed over the years, the cocoa content of its chocolate to the top will love the unhurried quality that “provides Broken Record”. Lloyd Cole will write perfectly formed songs, which you simply add nothing more or chit: Lean back. That does not sound like wing chairs and Men’s Club, makes the class from its records. We know that is wild, innovative, dirty – but you must not have more. And when, in “Why In The World?” not so melancholy sings “Maybe I’m build for these times, maybe I do know how to live”, you feel extremely understood – maybe even when you’re 18 years old.

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Publication: Der Splattenmann

Publication date: 20/09/10