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Lloyd Cole and The Commotion in the 80s and spent three reasonably successful recordings. The plates are characterized by their poetic impact. Since then Cole has been active in many projects and he also spent some solo recordings. The man has earned his spurs. In response to his song, “Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken” wrote the Scottish Camera Obscuara the tribute “Lloyd I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken.”

The ’80s are now long gone, but Lloyd Cole is still active. Under the little indie label Tapete Records shows him a new album “Broken Record”. Lloyd has a deep, dark voice, which is great for music while you rock under the name may settle, but then labeled as soft, melodic and meditative. The core is raw, packaging subtle.

Cole was living in Massachusetts. In the style of music as he do, expect that you actually can come only from America, hence the term Americana right? Yet the good man from Scotland. That you hear not return from what the musical influences of Cole. You hear the typical western sound back, but also those of the folk. A very strong song like ‘If I Were A Song “shines in the simple, austere design, where another highlight’ Oh Genevieve ‘exuberance is infectious and delightful.

Cole is an experienced musician, you can hear it back to ‘Broken Record’. The album never drives too long on a certain tone. There is variety, a balance between uptempo and downtempo. Yet the album in its entirety as slightly melancholy to consider. Cole takes us to do love songs like musings, without really be dramatic. A sad entry goes hand in hand with the sense of beauty.

‘Broken Record’ is ideally suited as a soundtrack for an onset of autumn. That may sound sad, but it is not. Autumn is a wonderful season because a lot happens. Staining of the trees for example, right now, so beautiful “Broken Record” as well.

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Publication date: 25/09/10