The Wizard of melancholy Scottish is back. After ten years without recording a band, Lloyd Cole returns with his best album of recent times, where rescues his particular way of looking at music and leaves behind his compositions with the computer in your study or the songs that he recorded with the hard rock band has created with his children.

But that is part of its nearest past, because this time it is presented to the rhythm of folk and alt country, loaded with twelve-string acoustic guitar. For the occasion was surrounded by the best, and although it promised low wages and poor reputation, there appeared among others, Joan Wasser (Joan As Police Woman) and former Commotion Blair Cowan to accompany this stylist and creator of great music and magic of song titles that has managed to provide elegant music and without fanfare, glory covering compositions.

Writers Retreat has been the theme of waves interesterales launch their latest album Broken Record, and has not really been able to choose best song to unite past and present, for without even realizing, move to the roads near American home. The album has eleven tracks that blend perfectly with the melancholy Scottish drops of good music, and where there are tracks like Oh sweet Genevieve and more rhythmic as Double Happiness, a song where the records of the past slipping through the ropes of his guitar.

Lloyd Cole’s return to music circuit, is certainly great news for all those who are always hungry for good songs and this album Broken has a good collection of them.

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Publication: Civi Nova

Publication date: 08/10/10