A decade after the Lloyd Cole ended up playing along with backing band The Negatives, he wants to skate again. It sounds the Massachusetts-based Briton health through its German skivetikett before his tenth studio album. When forty nine year old men saying things like: ‘Why not make a coat (ing) record, “they should be tackled with the utmost skepticism.

But when Lloyd says he means, of course, rock is not a juvenile lemming and wide-legged ones, rather a faded sammetskavajs cautious interpretation.

Cole speaks from the heart to the gentle sounds of mandolins, steel guitars, pattering drums, accordion and banjo. The musicians in his new band are Lou Reed, Antony and the Johnsons, Joan As Police Woman on their CV

The former name so manically dripping popteoretikern is also smart enough to lead critic and criticise himself before others get to do it. “Not That I Have much dignity left anyway,” he sings in the opening track’s first phrase.

He then continues to flash its fresh rock history, from Elvis Presley’s “That’s All Right” and The Beach Boys “Then I Kissed Her” Rod Stewart “You Wear It Well.” As one of the main rock rock journalist apostles, he also writes a musical counterpart to Ulf Lundell’s novel “Weather Man”. The song’s theme? To “make a Plura«.

But these, almost parodic details can not disguise the fact that “Broken Record” is above all a humble, well-written and poignant album.

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Publication: Sonic

Publication date: 07/09/10