It’s always a bummer when you buy a record and it comes without lyrics. I mean, that’s fine if you’re strapped with, say, Whitesnake. But with Lloyd Cole it’s like eating soup with a fork – you’re bound to lose some yummy bits between the bowl and your mouth. The A-side of “Don’t Get Weird on Me Babe” is all big-guitar music which, of course, gets my knickers seriously knotted up. Side B is fully orchestrated which, of course, gives me goosebumps. Two for two. The words on both sides (I’ve managed to figure most of them out by now), are wonderfully morosely in love with life, feelings, himself, other people, making Lloyd sound like some sort of New York City version of Morrissey. No. Morrissey’s music is pessimistic and terminally depressed. Lloyd is just realistically romantic. It’s an “Okay, go ahead and fall in love and affect me, hurt me, leave me – then do it all over again” kind of thing. Meaning there’s alway hope.

Publication: Sassy

Publication date: 01/11/91