Lloyd Cole & Hans Joachim Roedelius

Selected Studies Vol 1, BureauB ***

How exactly does a highly regarded British singer-songwriter ditch the polish and pathos and get it on with a noted practitioner of avant-garde electronic music – without failing miserably? What on paper might seem unworkable is actually one of this year’s most ambitiously low-key and lovely works of electronica.It works best when the moods are mellow: Virginie L, Lullerby and Still Life With Kannyu are piano- based ripple effects enhanced by sturdy Krautrock melody lines (and echoes of Debussy and Satie). When it goes up a gear (Fehmarn F/O), it’s all brilliantly wonky keyboards and as Cluster/ Harmonia-driven as you’d want. Two experiments in serration (Wandelbar, HIQS) are like dentist’s drills boring a hole in your gums but, these aside, this is a delicate, delightful pleasure. bureau-b.com

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Publication: Irish Times

Publication date: 22/02/13