Lloyd Cole is lust one of those artists you either love or hate. You either think he’s brilliant with his winsome, almost introspective pop, or you think he’s a fat boring old has-been. I tend towards the former. I’ve always had a soft spot for Lloyd, ever since I heard ‘Rattlesnakes’ for the first time ‘Lloyd Cole’ is more of the same. He might now live in America, but essentially his musical direction has continued along the same path. Admittedly with his first solo album without the Commotions he has progressed along a rockier path but you could never mistake this album as being the product of anyone but Lloyd Cole. Downtown is a brilliant blend of crsfty pop and smooth blended rock. ‘No Blue Skies’, the current single, wraps its way gently round the ears. With the twangy guitar, and Lloyds unmissable voice, ‘Lloyd Cole’ is a great listen. There’s some nice jazzy harmonica playing on ‘Undressed’, that just melds in perfectly. This is a great album, and I’m glad to See the Old fellow back!!

Publication: NUMBER ONE

Publication date: 17/02/90