For those of you from the UK or Australia, you will be familiar with the mind-numbingly crass but addictive Ausie soap, ‘Neighbours’.

On an episode earlier this week (BBC 1, UK), while wooing his woman, Stuart Parker gushed, “It’s like the song says, ‘cheekbones like geometry, and eyes like” before stopping on the realisation that “eyes like sin” probably wasn’t the best thing to compare his girlfriend’s eyes to at that moment. Coincidently, her name’s SINdy, so good on the Neighbours script writers for a change for avoiding the pun.

‘Twas funny hearing the lyrics of one of my all time favs and just goes to show, even crass script witers sometiems tune into the better offerings like Lloyd’s in the music industry!

P.S. Sorry, Lloyd, if you would rather have kept this one under the carpet! All the best from Scotland and hurry up and come back and play, please. The Commoions reunion gig only whetted the appetite for new material, so glad to hear you’re recording some new stuff. Best of luck with it and look forward to giving it a listen.

Publication date: 11/07/05