lloyd, spencer here with a little comic relief.
I believe you disliked all the “US Club Mixes” of your 45’s that Geffen put out on the 1st 3 Commotions LPs right?

several years ago I got a CD burn from a TX collector, incl. the “Perfect Skin” “US Club Remix” [by mark kamins or francois K, NOT the ric ocasek mix??]

ANYWAY I listened to it a few days ago & I see that it samples Africa Bambaataa/Soul Sonic Force “Looking for the Perfect Beat” !

there’s another “Perfect Skin” rmx with a Barrel-House piano coda that I’ve not heard anywhere else ! :)))

this CD also has several “My Bag” mixes that are actually pretty good – Do you even remember these oddities that I guess were Geffen promos?

I think there are 1 or 2 “Cut Me Down” re-mixes too….

anyway i know you hate these “US Club Mixes” as much as Morrissey hated Sire’s “This Charming Man” “NY Club Mixes”…. I guess it was just the era right?

ps if you would like a burn of this loopy rmx CD I’ll send it to you – all were Promos right? I do have the “Perfect Skin”/Ocasek mix on white label 12”, maybe more

see you in Phila, NY, & DC

ps anthony stark says Hi !

Publication date: 20/03/10