January 30, 2023


Lloyd Cole will release a new album, ‘On Pain’, on 23rd June ’23 on the earMUSIC label. ‘On Pain’ is Lloyd’s twelfth album as a solo artist and features …

March 6, 2019

to be released on July 26th
plus UK/Ireland Tour

“So I’m a complicated motherfucker
You knew that”
Night Sweats

Lloyd Cole will release his new album ‘Guesswork’ on 26th July ’19 on …

February 11, 2016

Yes, it was me who opened his solo venture with a song called ‘Don’t Look Back’. I know, I know…

February 24, 1986

Their 1985 debut album, Rattlesnakes, earned Britain’s Lloyd Cole and the Commotions a reputation as a thinking man’s pop band. With a musical style borrowing heavily from American folkrock, the …

January 26, 1986

Lloyd Cole & the Commotions. Geffen. After entering the intellectual-but-sensitive-young-man school of British rock on last year’s “Rattlesnake,” Cole and company are trying for more depth by incorporating a style …

May 10, 1985

The almost acoustic texture of the Smiths, minus the stomach-churning unhappiness makes Lloyd Cole and the Commotions the most appealing band to burst stateside this year. Four young Scotsman and a transplanted Man-chesterian owned a year and a half age and quickly won a recording contract from Polydor.

April 1, 1985

‘We wanted an ironic name. We’re quite a quiet group.’

‘…We didn’t have any depth to our material, we wrote most of the songs on the LP as we were recording …