February 11, 2016

Yes, it was me who opened his solo venture with a song called ‘Don’t Look Back’. I know, I know…

March 6, 2019

to be released on July 26th
plus UK/Ireland Tour

“So I’m a complicated motherfucker
You knew that”
Night Sweats

Lloyd Cole will release his new album ‘Guesswork’ on 26th July ’19 on …

January 30, 2023


Lloyd Cole will release a new album, ‘On Pain’, on 23rd June ’23 on the earMUSIC label. ‘On Pain’ is Lloyd’s twelfth album as a solo artist and features …

November 28, 1987

It’s easy to hate Lloyd Cole, that I will grudgingly admit. He’s neither reinventing pop in the manner of Young Gods, M/A/R/R/S or Big Black nor, is he working playfully within an almost determined traditionalism like Throwing Muses, 10,000 Maniacs or R.E.M. Lloyd Cole kind of seeps, consumes, stays raggedy at the edges of a sort of square pool. He’s got it tough.

April 19, 1988

It’s amazing how far an impressive-sounding name can get you these days, but it takes substance to stay at the top. Lloyd Cole and the Commotions seem destined to remain …

December 1, 1989

“I would argue against a word like contrived,” says Lloyd Cole, looking up from his lunch. “All I’m interested in is being remembered as someone who wrote good songs, I …

January 1, 1990

In Britain, the newly solo Lloyd Cole is still trying to shrug off his precious Bohemian undergraduate image. But in France, he’s regarded as a maverick genius, stubblesome style guru …