There it is again, the self-incrimination, the doubt, the futileness. “Maybe I’m not built for these times …” “Maybe I don’t know how to live …” And so begins the record ” Not that I had that much dignity left anyway/Nor could I feign great surprise when she finally walked away.” But curiously deeper Lloyd Cole sings even happier sounding songs that Cole finally resumed with a band since most recently “The Negatives” (2000).

Long time melancholy” Lloyd Cole” (1990), ” Don’ t Get Weird on ME, Babe” (1991) and ” Bad Vibes” (1993) – that was its black phase, which would have cost it almost the career.
As a survivor it for years around, bringing out minor works, remaining, casual. And every few years again an album, which ” to the promise of its unforgettable debut; Rattlesnakes” (1984). In addition, work, the character sketches of Etc”, and ” Cleaning Out The Ashtrays” it cannot cover that Coles work, which seemed to have broken off in 1995 but grew but still to one the most devoured, most secret and most beautiful pop music. For a few days only Cole could rent a studio, because he had met this time its desire musicians, among them Joan Wasser alias Joan As Police Woman. This recalled the days, when it played with Matthew Sweet and Robert Quine and for a tour could not engage the renowned colleagues. Also it must have this time his melodies and texts ready – complication, which affected production obviously favourably.
“Would you cry when quietly I play? ” Cole in ” asks; If I Were A Song”. Oh nevertheless! With volume selected by it defeating melodies succeed to the Englishman in the exile of new England as ” It’ s Alright” – including auto+biographic gloss and small Presley allusion: ” So now you say you want to live/Out on Martha’ s Vineyard/You say we’ll get A little plot of country and build our own damn French farmhouse/There’ s no depression in France/They’re too busy with the romance/and it’ s A starry starry night/If Momma that’ s alright.” In the graceful Country approach ” Westchester County Jail” almost rock Cole – in ” Tried to of Rock” ten years before he had conceded failure in this genre. In the Chanson-winged lively ” Oh Genevieve” we hear the long missed accordion of Blair Cowan, as if would be ” Easy Pieces” , the woman choir as in a seventies era film of the frivolous sort, and Mark of Schwaber sets marvellously the guitar Licks.

Cole effortlessly navigates by the idealistic flowing Folk of ” Man Overboard” and the sun-through-flooded, carried by Bob Hoffnar pedal Steel ” Double Happiness”. This album is from such an ease that its magic comes along on tiptoe. One thinks of strangely rotated stories from ” Speedboat” , ” Forest Fire” and ” 2CV” , the Belmondo Seberg nothing to lose atmosphere. No music makes as happy as the reinsurance by an old master. Even if he is a forever nagging and discouraged rascal like Lloyd Cole.

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Publication: Rolling Stone

Publication date: 01/09/10