A day without any gig so I was almost in pyjama when I received a phone call @ 8:00pm from Motley Mime telling me that Lloyd Cole was playing an acoustic gig at the Pop’In bar in Bastille @ 9:00pm.

Couldn’t miss that especially that I’m leaving nearby.
I arrived there just in time to see the rehearsals before the show.
After telling all punters at the bar that the show is about to start, the basement room is filling up pretty quickly.

Very cool beginning with “Perfect Skin”, as you can see on the Pics and video Lloyd is playing with two (American) guitar players.
The atmosphere is very relax ( Lloyd is in chatty mood and making a few jokes) and religious at the same time (when they’re not playing you could hear a pin drop).

The band played a few songs from their back catalogue which I’m not too familiar with I must confess. I barely knew 3 songs, their most famous ones as Lloyd Cole had a few hits in France with his Commotions.
see setlist for details, there might be missing a couple of songs.
Really nice to see Lloyd Cole in such an intimate setting, it was the first time for me. He’s a great songwritter & songs are really catchy.

The show has been decided at the 11h hour as Lloyd Cole wanted to play a club to rehearse for his Tv recording for One Shot Not on Wednesday.

Thanks to the guys involved who made it happened after meeting him in a bar and thanks to Facebook , Twitter and word to mouth , the bar was full of fans who knew all the lyrics as you can hear on the video of the last song played tonight ” Forest Fire” ( Courtesy of Uschi).
Great 50 min gig.

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Publication date: 23/11/10