This issue: He may have been around oh, since the dawn of time, but the irrepressible growl and howl of Lloyd Cole still succeeds in simultaneously charming the pants off, and bringing a tear to tan eye, of the masses. He returns this month to play a solo acoustic show in the capital.

Name an album that’s an unrecognised classic.
Pink Flag by Wire.

Which artist or record first made you want to make music?
T Rex.

Name a song you wish you’d written?
‘These days’ by Jackson Browne, but the version as sung by Nico is the one I know and love best.

Who was the first pop star you had a crush on?
Debbie Harry.

What song makes you cry?
‘So What You Gotta Do’ by Nina Simone.

Name a gig that changed your life.
The Buzzcocks, Manchester, 1977. They were wandering through the crowd before the show and I thought ‘God, pop stars are real people’.

Name a no-musical influence on your music.
Joan Didion. Her writing style has greatly affected my way of writing lyrics.

Who would be on your dream Top of the Pops?
T Rex, Pet Shop Boys, Spice Girls and the Beatles with Billy Preston, compered by Tony Blackburn.

What do you play as an aid to seduction?
Thankfully I have no need anymore, I’m a happily married man with kids, but in the past Al Green and Isaac Hayes always did the job.

What do you sing in the shower?
Nothing recognisable.

Lloyd Cole plays Edinburgh: Queen’s Hall, Sat 29 Jan.

Publication: Personal Stereo

Publication date: 20/01/00