Q -would you ever consider recording someone else? the intimacy and resonant sound you achieved in your “music in a foreign language” album is completely captivating and this stripped down/ less is more sound is deceptively difficult to capture properly. although my songs are much different, i would love to make a record with this intimate sound and feeling. i know you’re quite busy, so if you don’t have the time or inclination to record others, could you maybe let me in on some of your recording tips or techniques, and what sort of recording gear you use? any response would be much appreciated. thanks a lot, lloyd!

A – I guess I doubt it, it takes me so long to do my job as it is. My studio is nothing special, I just have a few pieces of equipment I’ve grown to like over the years watching engineers and hearing what works with my voice, guitars etc. I think the only tip I could give re MIAFL is that I had a sound in my head and I spent several moths trying to find it, before I recorded any songs. I’d never had that kind of liberty before. I’m no recording expert, so if I can do it.. maybe all you need is an actual idea. I hate to admit it, but there have been many sessions over the years where I wasn’t really sure what it was we were going for..