Q – A little question regarding the fine Deluxe Edition of ‘Rattlesnakes’ and how it was compiled. Were the tracks chosen by the band or the record company?

I am just wondering why more tracks didn’t appear on it, not that I am complaining what was used. It is a fine reissue. There was space to fit more tracks on the discs, such as other demos or the live bsides as mentioned in the sleevenotes and on this site.

Is there any plans to issue a bside/rarities compilation in the future or even reissues of the other albums? Or do you prefer to leave these unheard?

A – You are greedy! The track selection was done entirely by the band, there were certain demos and b-sides which had to go on, and we all chose a favourite live track. There wasn’t that much to choose from – we never had any intention of making a live record.
No immediate plans for anything else, but there has been talk. Not soon, that is for sure.