Q – Lloyd, please accept this thinly veiled comment as both a question and a sincere compliment. Don’t you think that you owe people like me who are still feel deeply impacted by their decision to buy “Rattlesnakes” 20 years ago, to embark on a maximum effort to release the 20th anniversary addition in the U.S.? Second, don’t you think that you and Neil Clark could more than adequately promote this record with a short tour and perhaps inspire a generation of musicians and college students who were born around the time the album first came out to buy this record, as well as your past and future solo work?

A – There isn’t really anything I can do, obviously I wish it was out. Capitol said they were going to do it, then didn’t. As to performing / promoting the Commotions material – the reunion was fun, but a week of playing songs I wrote when I was in my early 20’s was quite enough for me.