Q – Hi

I saw your post on lloyd cole web log and i have the single with that track “steady slowing down of the heart” and ive also transferred it on my pc as an mp3 track so i can listen to it as i type stuff!. if you cant seem to get a copy of it,i can send it you via e mail or msn messenger if you like but i suppose LLoyd would rather you bought it legit but seeing as its probably a hard to find purchase!?! – drop me a line.i will see if i can help.

but first i`ll post this to the web-log and hopefully they`ll pass it on to MR Cole to see if it would be ok for me to help a fan out what with copyright and all that.

Absolutley brill looks like a visit to my home town of leicester is on the cards in november!.

A – If it is out of print – as it is – I have no problem with file excahnge via this site.