Thursday, Friday June 1 and 2

I’m back at Mick Glossop’s house/studio to do mix recalls. Most of the original mixes were vocal light and Chris Hughes, who is now executive producing the completion of the album, went through all the original mixes and listed what we thought could improve them, and the overall feel of the record.
For the record, I think I was too quick in starting the mixes after recording, I was not exactly distanced from the project. However, it had taken so long I was eager to finish. I think a project of this scale should not be attempted single handed again.. However, now were getting close, it is sounding good.

Finished – we’re pretty sure.

Travelling Light – vocal up and a few guitar rides.
Everysong – Vocal up, harp solo up, few guitar rides, drum machine intro reinstated.
How wrong can you be? – Vocal up, nylon guitar riff up, drum fills ridden, new vocal harmonies (created with Melodyne software) added.
NYC Sunshine – Vocal up, drum mix rebalanced, strings ridden, guiatrs ridden.
Rolodex Incident – Drums rebalaned, EQ’d and compressed – new sound, less pristine. Rerecorded bass and lead piano melody replace original tracks, allows both to fature more prominently. Small rides to synths and guitars.
Slip Away – Vocal up, drums rebalanced, ebow and synth reridden for more dynamic.
I didn’t see it coming – Vocal up, strings made louder with sweeter EQ and in a larger room, drums and guitars ridden for a more expansive sound.

More tomorrow, then I go to Bath to work with Chris on the vocals for 3 tracks. Back to London next Wed and should be done by Saturday.

All good except I had my shots for next month’s South Africa trip this morning and I don’t feel too great right now. Over.