Q – Whenever i visit a record shop i always head for the L section to look for yourself and in all honesty i rarely can find any cd’s, my local hmv has the new bbc discs but nothing else. Whenever i vist other citys and other retailers sometimes you’re not represented at all.
Is this a common problem and why isnt your record company reissuing your albums for a new generation? I would love to go into a record store and see your albums in there.

A – Much as record companies have complained that downloads have taken all their money, they are now using iTunes, etc as an excuse to not keep artists like myself in print. If we are not in the stores we will not sell. It’s too bad that it takes indi labels to license material from majors to keep them in print, but this is what is happening with my rarities box… and I suspect it will be the only way forward if we want to sell CDs or albums.