Well, after literally months of software and hardware troubles, I believe I am finally actually recording my next record. I’ve had to spend the last month or so learning a new program – Digital Performer from Mark of the Unicorn, and I still feel very much the novice, but I need to press on. I had to abandon work with Apple’s program – ‘Logic’ – which I had used on my last few records because the latest versions were unstable on my (Apple) computer. As you can imagine I am not happy to have lost so much time, and as an almost 20 year Apple user I am very disappointed. But I will move on and revisit ‘Logic’ at a later date, when my career is not dependant upon it working.

What I’m getting around to saying is I’m started, and for those of you who might want more LC stuff, that can’t be bad. And I’m adding a Studio Journal to the weblog. First post today.