Q – Dear Lloyd, I have found it interesting reading about the new studio and look forward to the third part. Your first recording was documented in Will’s recording blog and I’m sure you learnt a few more things, those recordings sound good. When are you planning on using this space to record new songs? Will you spend this year writing new songs, and touring and then begin? Do you see yourself recording others in this space? You said you are not the best at mixing, is this a reference to your bad vibes sessions?

A – It was rather annoying to have William’s project land on my desk when I really hadn’t figured out what this little ‘workspace’ will be good for… but it was necessary to get that project finished. And now it is, and it was fu once I’d gotten past cursing the software I’d forgotten how to use. I need to spend a fair bit more time working in this environment to figure out what I can and cannot do here – there is a lot of ambient noise, but maybe no much more than in my previous space… I don’t expect to know until the Autumn of this year. I have no immediate plans for a record of new material – I’m working hard on getting out of print material back in print, and on iTunes, and getting my website up to scratch, and the live album.
I do have a whole lot of unfinished songs, but I’m in no hurry to finish them… why is this? I don’t know… I cannot decide what I want my next record to be. I think it’s best to wait and let the new songs decide.