Q – Having worked out through your small post in another thread that sampling music directly is difficult and possibly can lead to bankruptcy if not careful. I was wondering what applies to using others lyrics, or cross referencing another’s song. I was wondering what it takes legally to reference songs such as you have in the past. I have noticed some such as ‘Baby You’re a Rich Man’ in Rich, or ‘Love Me Do’ Mercy Killing (the Beatles) Do you need permission in these circumstances? Or pay royalties or a set fee? Is it just considered a reference and let go?

A – I didn’t need permission, as far as I was aware… I think that it’s OK so long as you don’t take the lyric and the melody together. Art has forever referenced other art so it would be hard to set a precedent to stop it – Braque sues PIcasso!! I have always had fun with this type of thing and I continue to. Thanks for the song, Mr.Cohen.