Q – Its long ago but me and my wife are still interested in one thing. We went to that Concert only to see you. Anxious to miss any song of you we were there 15 Minutes before show began. Then in Lobby we heard someone singing. It was you.
Hastily we ran to the first row to get our seats. It was true, you had begun to sing and i think we missed bout 4 Songs.
Even though it was fantastic to watch you play (still trying but never learn that fingerpicking) we were wondering why you began so early. Hey, many of us were there cos of you not
because Heather was there. šŸ™‚ So what was the reason for beginning so early?
By the way, after you finished we luckily went home not missing all songs.

A – I was the opening act. I went on when the schedule told me to. As an aside, I was treated extremely well by Heather’s people for the whole tour.