Q – I have been listening and loving ‘Love Story’ recently. Listening a little more closely I have picked up on some reversed guitar around the chorus of Trigger Happy. It sounds great, just hiding away in the background giving a nice depth to the song, something not quite apparent on a first listen. It seems a bit more pronounced around the two minute mark. Do decisions to put effects like this come from you Lloyd? Or was it in this case Mick Glossop (now mixing the live CD) that presented the mix with the reversed guitar?

A – I have no recollection of any backwards stuff (no Judas Priest messages on my albums) on that record but I can hear what you mean. I think it is one of Neil’s parts – his sound was super compressed and sounded almost as if it was reversed (very similar to his sound on My Bag, actually). What was interesting for me was that I hadn’t only forgotten that, but also the synth (similar sound to LOve Ruins Everything) which comes in late in the song!!
To answer your question, though – nothing is recorded without my involvement. And Mick doesn’t add new elements when mixing. He’s very good at identifying excess baggage, though, for which I’m always grateful.