Q – I was recently reading on the web and according to www.discogs.com Rich from Easy Pieces was released as a single in the Netherlands. I was curious to know if this was a special promo single or if it chosen as an alternative single just for that country.

A – I believe it was commercially released. Strange. I don’t think that ever happened anywhere else in Europe ever. I cannot say for sure, though, as I don’t have a copy!

Q – I’m also curious to know if the Planet Ann Charlotte Mix was a special (dance) remix or different version of the track from DGWOMB. I know this may be obvious to other fans but I’ve heard many b-sides except this one so just curious…!

A – The mix was done by Adam Peters who went on to produce Bad Vibes, it was vinyl only, I believe. It was a remix, not a rerecord, but Adam didn’t use much of what was on tape.