Dear Lloyd:

The first time I heard one of your songs I was in highschool in México, I became a photographer and have also travelled a lot through the world, your music has always acompained me whether it was North Korea, Japan or Argentina, or Afrika.
Last year I did a road trip across the U.S. shooting 1 portrait a day, during 1 month, from New York to Tijuana.
Some of the portraits were influenced directly from thoughts that I had of that old times, when I was in highschool dreaming and picturing the world through your songs.
Now I live in Madrid, are you playing some time this year?

Thank You
Hans-Paul Brauns

If You havs some time to look at the work I¨d be happy.

A – I looked at the landscape photos and they have that particular feel that is only achieved by the alien eye. They remind me of the snap shots I took on our first US tour, except these are good.

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