Start work on Rock in the MOR. This is nothing but a guitar riff/tune and a very impressionistic lyrical idea. Hardly a song, but I like the simplistic nature of it. I sketched it back in 98 or so..
Usual routine – simple drum loop, guide piano.
Short provsional arrangement.
Record Collings Acoustic.
Record Black Tayor Acoustic (Eb tuning). The two will need to be fine tuned later, but seem to work pretty well together.
Bass – Trilogy through amp simulator.
Modify BFD drums from Anti-Depressant to make new kit. Write simple part. Works well.
Experiment with piano – simple All the way from Memphis 8s part seems the right idea. Wrong. Try same part on electric piano – more promising, create amped sound through slowly modulated filter – sounds kind of Baba O’Reily/My Way to You -ish.
Apply same midi track to violins and cellos – promising.
Save track – change tempo from 85 to 90. Better. Create extended arrangement and record rough mix. Good day.