I’ve been invited to perform in Berlin at an event commemorating Hans Joachim Roedelius’ 80th birthday. I accepted.

It is rather frightening, but it is an exciting challenge. I will perform my electronic music alone, and then with Hans Joachim. I will compose pieces specially for the event.

It will be a lot of work and the logistics are still TBC but I envisage flying to Europe with something like this, plus a moog keyboard as my luggage.

All this work for just one show seems a little, well, inefficient… so I’ve added at least two more shows in Portugal and I’m working on another in Berlin. Each show will be different, but based upon the compositions I prepare.

More details will be added as soon as I have the contracts signed.

To give you an idea of what I might sound like here is a track by HJR and I from Selected Studies Vol 1.