This is the setlist of the solo concert @ the Teatro Cervantes in Malaga, my hometown.
I do remember a joke Lloyd cracked at some point about the audience being “all probably English, anyway”, which I believe wasn’t all that well received by the locals…
Anyway, great show. That version of Unhappy Song was particularly gorgeous.

First set.
1. Music in a foreign language
2. The young idealists
3. Cut me down
4. My way to you
5. Late night, early town
6. Buttefly
7. Famous blue raincoat
8. Happy for you
9. No more love songs
10. Mainstream
11. Love like this can’t last
12. Unhappy song

Second set.

13. Are you ready to be heartbroken?
14. Like lovers do
15. Pay for it
16. No blue skies
17. Trigger happy
18. Brand new friend
19. My other life
20. Don’t look back
21. New York City sunshine
22. I’m gone
23. Four flights up
24. My bag


25. Chelsea Hotel
26. Jennifer she said
27. Lost weekend