Acoustic Set 1
1) Are you ready to be heartbroken?
2) Like Lovers Do
3) The Young Idealist
4) My Way to You
5) Music in a Foreign Language
6) I threw it all away (B. Dylan)
7) Butterfly
8) Happy for You
9) *…Sexy hotel story….Late Night Early Town
10) No More Love Songs
11) …for George Best… Please don’t tell me how the story ends (K. Kristofferson)
12) I’m Gone
13) Love Like This Can’t Last
14) Perfect Skin
15) Unhappy Song

Acoustic Set 2
1) Pay for It
2) Cut Me Down
3) Trigger Happy
4) No Blue Skies
5) Why I love Country Music
6) My Alibi
7) Don’t Look Back
8) My Other Life
9) Pale Blue Eyes (L. Reed)
10) Mainstream
11) Man on the Verge
12) Four Flights Up
13) Chelsea Hotel (L. Cohen)
14) Jennifer She Said
15) Lost Weekend

* Great story about having to check out of a hotel because its residents were “too Sexy”. Must be those Leicester students.

And Lloyd, thanks for the autograph after the gig!