The Waterfront
Norwich U.K.
11 Oct 00

<This would be the show that I took the train to and was told by the hotel that it was 2 minutes walk from the station… and the day got progressively worse. LC>

Set 1
Hey Rusty
Sentimental Fool
No more love songs
Old enough to know better
She acts like we never met (B. Dylan)
Are you ready to be heartbroken
Today I’m not so sure
People ain’t no good (N. Cave)
Mr. Wrong
Past Imperfect
Lost Weekend
Tried to Rock
She’s a Girl and I’m a Man
I didn’t know that you cared

Set 2
No blue skies
Trigger Happy
Like Lovers Do
Brand New Friend
Why I love country music
She still thinks I care (G. Jones)
Four Flights Up
Chealsea Hotel (L. Cohen)
Charlotte Street
Unhappy Song
That Boy
Famous Blue Raincoat (L. Cohen)
Perfect Skin
Forest Fire