Q – Hi Lloyd. I was in Basel for the “Sit down and sing” tour. I greatly appreciated the gig and I was especially happy to hear “Butterfly” (one of your best song in my opinion, highly underrated) and the funky “Brand new friend”. I hardly could imagine that these two songs could be played in a solo acoustic set but you proved the contrary. I would have hoped for a couple of new songs, but it seems they all are still works in progress.

Anyway, I was just wondering how you felt during the gig, because you appeared a bit tired and were not very talkative (except for a couple of witty remarks). Of course the people moving in and out the concert room and leaving before the end of the gig to catch the train were very irritating. I really had the feeling that this situation made you feel so uncomfortable that you even sometimes wished you were not there, delivering shorter versions of the songs and finally leaving us with no hope for an encore. And this made the evening nice instead of awesome. How do you see it retrospectively ?

A – That was a difficult night. I was sick and had been in bed most of the day. I had not been informed of the curfew until it was too late. We should all have started at least 45 minutes earlier, and then there would have been time for an encore. That was bad organisation, I’m afraid, and I cannot really accept any resonisbility for it. However, overall, it was a great tour, I enjoyed all of the music, and it was a nice change from All Me All Night.

Publication date: 22/02/2006