First post tour rehearsal was a little shorter than it should have been… on account of me still in my dressing gown drinking tea emailing M Glossop when gents arrived. It was in my diary. My bad as we say over here.

Spent a good bit of time on Astroturfing and good news is that M and M beating on banjo and mandolin gives a distinctly McGuiness Flint vibe, which I like a lot. Add to that Fred and Rainy and we could have a very cool juxtapostion of light and heavy.

Then on to Man Overboard which was a learning process as this is the only ‘new’ song the gents didn’t know, and it moves pretty quickly through the chords. MS on nylon and MC on banjo, but I doubt it will stay that way, at least not for a 3 man version. After I made my demo later in the day it was clear that 2 of the instruments need to be steel. We’ll see.

10 again tomorrow, I should be ready.