Q – LLOYD COLE picks an hour of his favourite 80s songs, including The Smiths, Prince, The The and The Clash on Absolute Radio.

What were the songs you chose for this hour of power?

A – I was without computer so I don’t have an email to copy and paste – scribbled down a list and called it in. I may be missing a few here as I seem to have ripped out one of the notebook pages.

In no particular order, band names only added when not obvious –

This Charming Man
Pop Life – Prince
The Killing Moon – Bunnymen
Ashes to Ashes
I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross
Computer Love
This is the day – the The
S. Central Rain – REM
Straight to Hell
Fascist Groove Thing
get Up and Use Me – Fire Engines
Rip It Up
Tears are not enough – ABC
First we take Manhattan

I’m forgetting some, I gave them twenty, they played ten or so.