Q – Lloyd I came to your show at the Lancaster Grand. I thought that it was excellent and there were a couple of questions that came to mind from it.

Firstly as someone who knows absolutely nothing about guitars, could you explain why you use two guitars for your live show? Why is one guitar better than another for certain songs?

Secondly it was noticable that often you received your loudest applause when you had sung or were about to sing Commotion songs. Does it “get to you” that you are still best know for those songs and your newer work does not receive the same reaction?

A – Two guitars because –
a/ different tuning on the black guitar for songs like I’m Gone, No More Love Songs, and now – Morning is Broken
b/ If I break a string I have a back up – I have no guitar tech. I never do, but you know the day i only have one guitar I will…

B – Crowd favourites. They do vary from room to room and from country to country. Rattlesnakes songs, however, and Lost Weekend, are popular most places. In the US Tell Your Sister might actually get a bigger response. DGWOMB was my biggest album over here. Does any of that bother me? I’m happy people like any of my material.